Eclectus parrot playing with foot toys

Why does my parrot need toys

Do birds need toys?


Parrots in the wild spend majority of their day looking for food, socializing, chewing wood, and flying. Our parrots, still wild in nature since they haven't been domesticated and therefore messy, loud, and destructive. The challenge comes from keeping these mini dinosaurs busy, mentally stimulated, and physically healthy. Why parrots need toys

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Bird Nets and perches are an amazing addition inside or outside your parrots cage or aviary for exercise and stimulation Rope moves with the parrots movements which allows the parrot to move it muscles accommodating for the movement of the rope. A MUST HAVE!


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Toys! The purpose of natural parrot toys is to be destroyed. My whole business is based on this purpose. The reason I spend hours cutting wood, dying wood, and then making new designs, is so your parrot can destroy them.

Toys stimulate birds, mentally and physically healthy for them to destroy toys. Wood parrot toys helps with keeping beaks trimmed and destroying toys keeps property damage at the minimal.

Birds have their own preference in toys. Not every toy is for every bird why pds parrot shop makes so many different types of bird toys. Try different types of bird toys, see what texture they like. 

So, YES birds need toys and toys are necessary for your birds physical and mental health. Parrots are highly intelligent animals and they need a way to use their brains and muscles. Parrots can start screaming and plucking if mental stimulation and physical stimulation aren't there. So my point it, toys are very important for a parrots well being.  

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