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Most asked questions about bird toys

My 5 most asked questions about bird toys are answered below. 

Most asked questions about bird toys

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1) Do parrot toys need to be colored? 

Will, my parrots chew pine wood, the purple, and red ones first. However, when I got this question, I decided to do more research. 

Parrots see more color than humans. Not only do parrots have three cone color receptors, the same as humans, but they have a fourth, an ultraviolet cone.
This extra UV cone in parrots is very important, and part of your parrot's life. For matting, females can see reflective patches on males' feathers which are unseen by humans. For foraging and food, the UV cones help them detect the bright waxy reflective food in the dense green forest. 

So yes, color is needed for mental stimulation. However it is also true that many parrots will chew un-dyed woodblocks, and there might be other parrots who might only prefer certain colors. With time you will find out what your parrots like and want. 

2) What if my parrot doesn't play with bird toys?

You play with it first. The best way is to get a small toy and play with yourself and show your parrot how much fun it is. 
That is the best way to get your parrot to become interested. Sooner or later he/she will have to check out what was so exciting to you.

3) What bird toys should I start with?

The small wood toys, larger acrylic toys

Small wood bird toys, to see if your parrot will chew wood. Some don't. If they chew the small wood too fast, go to the medium wood bird toys.

Larger acrylic toys because smaller toys can be more dangerous to parrots because they might easily break the plastic parts. 

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4) My parrot is afraid of bird toys, what should I do?

Introduce the toy. If your parrot is comfortable with you and trusts you,  then if you're able to hold the toy, it means it's safe too.  

Place the toy outside its cage and let your parrot go to the toy.  Once your parrot is comfortable with the toy, you can place it inside its cage.


5) What is the best type of parrot toy? 

There are a few different types of parrot toys. All are important and have functions to keep your parrots happy and stimulated. Please check out my other article for information about different types of bird toys and their importance.

Foot toys, shreddable, wood toys, puzzle toys 

It's best to have different types of toys for your parrot to enjoy. It does take time to figure out the best toy for your parrot, but when you do, your parrot will appreciate it so much.

Always remember, new toys should be supervised when first given. 

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Most asked questions about bird toys


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