Collection: Bird Foot Toys

Best bird toys for birds are anything that helps them with physical and mental development. By providing birds with foot toys that engage their feet and beaks, owners can help to stimulate balance, motor development, coordination, and muscle development. Feet toys also provide mental stimulation and help to prevent boredom with fun, colorful parrot foot toys in all different shapes and sizes. 

Parrot foot toys allows for a lot of fun and activity. Feet toys are made from natural bird toy parts and sometimes acrylic to accommodate all types of birds and their needs.

Leather bird toys are a great hit with parrots who love to explore different textures. Flat perches are also great for all birds types who need a place to play with their foot toys. 

PDS parrot toys is a bird toy company that specializes in handmade bird toys made in USA with all safe, non-toxic materials. Untreated wood bird toys are hand cut, sanded, and or dyed by hand. We use safe bird dye, safe un-oiled rope, non toxic materials, vegetable tanned leather, stainless steel or nickel plated hardware. All toys for birds are made in a bird-free workshop.

 All profits go to Prego Dalliance Sanctuary, 501c3 non-profit