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 Monika Sangar


Monika Sangar, the dedicated parrot toy maker, has been successfully crafting and selling parrot toys for an impressive decade. Her journey into this niche began when she established her workshop in response to the needs of a sanctuary she helped open. The sanctuary required a multitude of toys for the diverse array of birds under it's care.

Monika Sangar is a multifaceted individual with a background in Molecular Biology, having earned her degree from Simon Fraser University. In addition to her scientific pursuits, she also explored her artistic side by studying photography at Santa Monica College. Monika's creativity extends beyond the academic and visual arts; she has a passion for writing short stories and poetry.

Her literary talents were recognized when one of her short stories won a contest and was subsequently published. Beyond the written word, Monika finds joy in painting and baking during her free time, showcasing a well-rounded artistic spirit.

One of Monika's unique outlets for creativity is designing parrot toys. This endeavor allows her to combine her love for animals with her imaginative flair. In her dedicated workshop, where she spends time crafting these toys, Monika immerses herself in the vibrant beats of Bollywood music, adding an extra layer of joy to her creative process.

Monika's life is a harmonious blend of science, art, and a deep connection with her creative passions, making her a truly unique and inspiring individual.

PDS Parrot Shop was founded with a destructive parrot's mind and the spirit to create funding for our sanctuary. Different toys are designed for mental stimulation, encouraging natural behavior, minimize property damage; all while keeping the birds safety in mind. 

PDS parrot shop is always looking to reduce the environmental impact created by making bird toys and to improve the quality of our toys at the same time. Affordability and sustainability are our goals by using: our sawdust as our peacock's bedding, using misfit wood pieces as toys, low-energy lights in our workshop, and reusing cardboard boxes. 


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