About Us

Monika Sangar with parrots


Monika Sangar, your parrot toy maker has been selling parrot toys for ten years. It started after we open our sanctuary and we needed many toys for all of our birds. Her workshop is in a bird-free space and makes toys as orders come in. She hand makes each toy in the USA with safe materials and hardware. 

Monika Sangar has a degree in Molecular Biology from Simon Fraser University and studied photography at Santa Monica College. She always had a creative side and designing parrot toys allows her to be creative and imaginative. She is always in her workshop jamming to Bollywood music while making parrot toys. 

PDS parrot toys was founded with a destructive parrot's mind and the spirit to create funding for our sanctuary. Different toys are designed for mental stimulation, encouraging natural behavior, minimize property damage; all while keeping the birds safety in mind. 

PDS parrot shop is always looking to reduce the environmental impact created by making bird toys and to improve the quality of our toys at the same time. Affordability and sustainability are our goals by using: our sawdust as our peacock's bedding, using misfit wood pieces as toys, low-energy lights in our workshop, and reusing cardboard boxes. 








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