What are the best bird toys (colorful parrot toy)

What are the best bird toys?

There are many different types of best bird toys for parrots all having their own function. Parrots should have a variety of different bird toys at one time because every type of bird toy has a different function.

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Why should I buy best bird toys?

The primary purposes of parrot toys are mental stimulation, free of boredom, and exercise. Parrot toys encourage the natural behavior of the wild. Most parrot owners want to create the best habitat for their parrots, and toys help do that. If birds are not mentally and physically stimulated, it can lead to disruptive behaviors which included but are not limited to: screaming, feather plucking, and biting.

We can provide parrots with various bird cage toys to help them forage, chew, destroy, and solve puzzles. This creates a good balance environment for your parrot where they can be challenged, stimulated, and have fun.

I have used many different types of bird toys for my rescue. Here I listed a variety of different bird toys and their function. Each parrot will have its own need and we need to find the best bird toy for your parrot and a toy that matches your parrot's personality.

Foraging Bird Toys:

Foraging Bird Toys might be the best bird toys for parrots, where you can hide food items, and make your parrot work to get the food. These types of bird toys come in all different varieties and difficulties. Foraging toys allow your parrot to find food, which they do in the wild. 

Seagrass mats are a great foraging bird toy that allows mental stimulation by foraging for treats in the mat itself. The woven seagrass mats are perfect to hide the treat in and colorful seagrass mats attract birds to start playing. 

seagrass mat foraging best bird toy in purple

Shreddable Bird Toys:

Shreddable Bird Toys are to rip, destroy, and chew. Chewing is a major natural activity in the wild and enriches parrots' well-being therefore a great addition to our best bird toy list. Parrots love the shred, tear and rip these types of toys. It's a natural behavior. Shreddable bird toys are made from all parrot-safe, shreddable items: paper, egg cartons, pinewood, balsa wood, vine items, cardboard, etc, at our shop. Depending on your parrot's personal preference, they might like soft paper shreddable toys or need wood bird toys. This helps them maintain and challenge their natural instincts and activities.


wreath colorful shreddable best bird toy


Bird Foot Toys:

Bird foot toys are essential for parrots. Bird foot toys are small toys that parrots can hold and grab with their talons. Different shapes and sizes help with motor development, coordination, and balance. Since these types of bird toys are small and less expensive, it's a great way to try out new bird toy parts. They also love carrying around small toys and throwing foot toys on the floor. 


balsa colorful  best bird toys


Puzzle Bird Toys:

Puzzle toys are amazing. They are made from durable plastic and come in different sizes and puzzles. The purpose of these bird toys is to make your parrot solve the puzzle. The best bird toys stimulate the brain and help develop skills that puzzles bird toys do. With puzzle bird toys, parrots can be opening little drawers, turning, or pulling, or they will surprise you and find a completely new way to solve the problem.

pds parrot shop
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Indestructible Bird Toys:

Stainless-steel toys or PVC, indestructible bird toys are annoying and loud but parrots love the interaction. The best bird toys for parrots are the ones that keep them engaged when you're not there. Stainless steel toys usually have color, make lots of noise, and are durable. Indestructible bird toys are made from nickel-plated or stainless steel hardware giving them extra durability for large birds. Indestructible bird toys are the best type of bird toys for parrots who play rough. They love making loud noises and banging toys around; stainless steel is perfect for this.


best bird toys with charms


Exercising Bird Toys:

Exercising bird toys are toys that make your parrot move around in different ways making them work different muscles. In nature, everything isn't straight, so having bungees, cargo nets, and swings is a great way to make them exercise, gain muscles, and work on balance. Bouncing or swing motions are great fun but also help strengthen coordination through their bodies. There is some mental stimulation with these types of toys: figuring out how to balance, being able to climb up, or how to move around.


best Bird swing with wood blocks


Preening Bird Toys:

Preening bird toys are the best type of bird toys to help feather plucking parrots to relax. They are usually made of non-pill fleece, leather strips, or other materials, and the parrot can preen, and chew on this toy.

fleece best bird toy

Leather Bird Toys:

Vegetable-dyed leather is a great material to use for parrot toys. It's great as a preening bird toy or just another texture to allow your bird to play with. Thick veg-leather strips are great to chew on, make foot toys or add to any seagrass mats.

Leather beaded spool bird toy


The Best Bird Toys

Those are all the different types of best bird toys to help parrots be outside their natural environment. They are highly intelligent animals and they need mental stimulation and lots of exercise which bird toys provide.

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