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rainbow shredder with cardboard and cupcake liners

Small Bird Toys

Our small bird toys bring boundless joy to your petite parrots. These enchanting toys are crafted with precision, catering to the unique needs and preferences of small birds.

pink madness bird toy

Medium Bird Toys

Transform your parrot's environment into a vibrant paradise with our medium bird toys. Featuring an array of colors and textures, it adds a touch of visual delight to any cage.

large block rainbow bird toy

Large Bird Toys

Built for big beaks but designed for intelligent and playful birds. Large colorful and interactive bird toys promises endless moments of fun and mental stimulation.


PDS Parrot Shop

Durable and safe bird toys made with non-toxic materials, manufactured in the United States.

Monika Sangar

Monika Sangar a Molecular Biology graduate, co-founder of Prego Dalliance Sanctuary, and entrepreneur, who is passionate about designing different bird toys for mental stimulation, encouraging natural behavior, and keeping parrots happy.

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