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Monika Sangar has been creating bird toys for over 10 years in her bird-free workshop. Using safe, non toxic materials and handcrafting every toy, she designs unqiue parrot toys in California, USA.

About Us

Proceeds go to PDS sanctuary. Sales help with long term medical care, vet bills, and any other sanctuary expenses.

  • PDS Parrot Toys

    PDS parrot toys was founded with a destructive parrots mind and the spirit to create funding for our sanctuary. Different toys are designed for mental stimulation, encouraging natural behavior, minimize property damage; all while keeping the birds safety in mind.

  • Parrot Food

    At Prego Dalliance Sanctuary we learned to make bird food that was not only nutritious but also enjoyable. We share our recipes from our sanctuary, with your feathery family member.

  • Squawk Design

    A treat to ourselves or friends with parrot or bird related gifts. Squawk Designs creates one of a kind items for your home or gifts to parrot lovers.

  • Sherry


    My delicate little grey girl loves tearing up the broomstick straws and shredding anything she can get her beak and talons around! The large hanging toy fits the bill. The big ducky at the top even squeaks! She is in parrot heaven. Seller goes the extra mile beautiful packaging and fast shipping. Monica makes ordering very easy. Everything in this box was fantastic!!!!

  • May


    I absolutely loved the quality and service that this shop brings. My birds absolutely loved everything in this pack. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to give your birds a little treat!!!

  • Chatterbox Parrots


    Not only this item but the other foot toys that we ordered were exactly as pictured. Bird safe and made with love. A busy beak makes for happy bird(s). Ordered Easter evening a shipped next day. Order was received well before the anticipated date of delivery. Thank you for the quailty product and fast shipping. Chatterbox Parrots will be repeat customers.