mini flat bird perches with wood blocks

Benefits of Flat Bird Perches

Flat bird perches are perfect for all types of birds and parrots, they give your bird a choice to perch on a flat surface. Platform bird perches are great because they allow birds to spread their toes and put their foot in a relaxed position. Parrots can play, eat, or nap on a flat perch. It's great for disabled parrots who need a flat surface to rest on. 

These perches are also great for handicapped birds who need a flat surface to rest on. Perches for handicapped birds allow for comfort, and support, which all birds need to feel safe. 

A variety of perches in the cage is best for parrot feet.

benefits of flat perches

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Benefits of Flat Bird Perches:

  • Allows disabled birds to perch
  • Provides birds with a different flat surface which allows them to stretch their feet
  • Allows birds to relax their feet 
  • Doesn't cause sores 
  • Great place to play, sit, lay down


What is a Flat Bird Perch? 

A platform, or flat perch, is flat than the normal round perches most often used. Round perches should be used as well, however different variations and the use of  flat bird perches can benefit birds. Platforms come in different sizes and are attached to cages just like round perches. 

How Do Birds Perch In The Wild? 

Trees have branches that vary in diameter, length and structure so there is no one size that fits birds. Therefore, in our cages, we should vary perch sizes as well. Branches also sway and swing so moving perches, like swings are also a great addition to add to your bird's cage. 

Birds also fly down on the ground to forage, a flat surface, which we stimulate by using a flat perch. 

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Benefits of Flat Bird Perches 

Flat parrot perch allows birds to rest, play, and put their foot in a relaxed position. Parrots can play, eat, or nap on flat bird perches. Handicap parrot perches are great for disabled/older parrots who need a flat surface to rest on or an option for birds to play on. Perches for handicapped birds come in all different sizes and shapes for the most comfort.

It is important to vary all types of perches and therefore makes different sizes and designs in platform perches. Flat bird perches will allow for comfort, relaxation, and even to chew on since our perches are made from safe, non-toxic wood. 

 PDS parrot toys handcrafts perches in the USA making fun and exciting perches. With untreated pinewood, we use colorful toys, stainless steel hardware, and fun designs. 

Flat bird perch with toys

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Author: Monika Sangar
Co-founder of Prego Dalliance Sanctuary, Artisan of PDS Parrot Shop

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