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Snuggle Buddy Fleece toy for birds

Snuggle Buddy Fleece toy for birds

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Look! Your parrot wants you to see this too!

  • Small anti fleece bird toy

    Snuggle Buddy Fleece toy for birds


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Toys made out of fleece is mostly just for comfort and stopping feather plucking behavior. All fleece bird toys are made from non-pill fleece. 

Shreddable toys are made from all parrot-safe materials to encourage natural activity of the wild for the parrots well being. 

Fleece pattern will differ

Small: 9 in
Medium: 12 in
Large: 15 in

Non-Pill Fleece
Nickle Plated and Stainless Steel hardare
No glue used

100% non-toxic
Handmade in the USA
Created in bird free environment
All proceeds go to Prego Dalliance Sanctuary.

PDS parrot toys is a bird toy company that specializes in handmade bird toys made in USA with all safe, non-toxic materials. Untreated wood bird toys are hand cut, sanded, and or dyed by hand. We use safe bird dye, safe un-oiled rope, non toxic materials, vegetable tanned leather, stainless steel or nickel plated hardware.  All toys for birds are made in a bird-free workshop.

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