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Palm Shred Bird Toy

Palm Shred Bird Toy

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Main Information

Foraging bird toys are designed to challenge and stimulate pet birds by encouraging them to search for and find food. Hide treats in the cup and let your parrot find them. The cups come filled with shreddable paper, and you can add any treats your parrot loves. Shreddable toys are to rip, destruct, and chew. Chewing is a major natural activity in the wild and enriches parrots' well-being. Parrots love the shred, tear and rip of these types of toys. It's a natural behavior.

  • All-Natural Palm: Crafted from palm, these toys promote natural foraging by hiding treats within the folds.
  • Multiple Bird Items: Offers various textures for chewing exploration and mental stimulation.
  • Easy Cage Placement: Includes a loop for effortless installation in your bird's cage.

Product Description

This 7 inch toy is ideal for small-sized birds, featuring paper straws and lollipop sticks for shredding stimulation.

Safety Information

Crafted from untreated pinewood, this toy is 100% non-toxic and meticulously handcrafted in the USA. Manufactured in a bird-free environment, it upholds the highest safety and quality standards. Wood bird toys are crucial for stimulating parrots mentally, warding off boredom, and curbing destructive behaviors.