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Mini Platform Bird Perch

Mini Platform Bird Perch

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Main Information

Platform perches for birds are designed with both comfort and functionality in mind. These bird perches provide a spacious and stable surface for parrots to stand on, allowing them to comfortably spread their toes and maintain a relaxed posture. Made from durable materials such as untreated pinewood, stainless steel hardware , platform perches ensure safety and support for your pet bird.

  • Wood Perch: Crafted from untreated pinewood, these perches promote a comfortable area for pet birds.
  • Wood Beads: Features hand-dye wood beads embedded into the flat perch.
  • Wood Blocks: Platform perches are adorned with wood blocks for chewing.
  • Hardware: Includes stainless steel hardware for effortless installation in your bird's cage.
  • Size: Ideal for x-small parrots.

Product Description

The platform bird perch measures 5 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and is 3/4 inches thick. It features stainless steel hardware for durability and security. Adorned with colorful wood beads and wood blocks, this perch not only provides a stable surface for parrots but also offers enrichment through tactile elements that stimulate play and exploration. 

Safety Information

Crafted from untreated pinewood, this toy is 100% non-toxic and meticulously handcrafted in the USA. Manufactured in a bird-free environment, it upholds the highest safety and quality standards. Ideal for x-small parrot species, this platform perch combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring your bird's comfort and engagement in their habitat.

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These are great perches thank you