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Leather Twist Bird Toy

Leather Twist Bird Toy

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Main Information

Parrots of all sizes love our handcrafted leather bird toys. Made from USA-sourced, vegetable-tanned leather, our leather bird toys offer a safe and enjoyable experience for your parrots. These toys provide mental stimulation and help combat boredom in pet birds. Parrot bird toys encourage the natural behavior of the wild. As highly intelligent and active birds, parrots need plenty of physical and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy and bird toys provide that natural environment. 

  • Leather for Durability: Bird-safe vegetable-tanned leather shape used as a base for the bird toy.
  • Leather Twist: Different form of vegetable tan leather for parrots to explore.
  • Easy Cage Placement: Comes with a plastic link making it effortless to install in your bird's cage.

Product Description

The toy measures 7 inches in length and is ideal for small and medium-sized birds. It features a base made of vegetable-tanned leather and includes leather twists for extra leather fun. 

Safety Information

The toy is made from vegetable-tanned leather and untreated pinewood blocks. It is 100% non-toxic and handmade in the USA. Additionally, it is created in a bird-free environment to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality. Vegetable-tanned leather bird toys provide essential mental stimulation for parrots, helping to combat boredom and prevent destructive behaviors.