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  • Large shreddable halloween bird toy with foraging cup
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halloween shreddable bird toy

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SIZE: 8 in length (medium)

Cardboard, paper, pods, ssrod

100% non-toxic

Handmade in the USA

Created in bird free environment

Shreddable bird toys are to rip, destruct, and chew. Not only are these natural bird toys, but chewing is a major natural activity in the wild and enriches parrots' well-being. Parrots love the shred, tear and rip off these types of bird toys. It's a natural behavior. Parrot cage toys are made from all parrot-safe, shreddable items: paper, egg cartons, pinewood, balsa wood, vine items, cardboard, etc. Depending on your parrot's personal preference, they might like soft paper shreddable toys or need wood bird toys. This helps them maintain and challenge their natural instincts and activities.

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