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  • Dear Felix paperback
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Dear Felix Diary Thingy: Felix in the Time of Confused: paperback 2020

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Kathy LaFollett

225 pages, 2020

The Felix Diary Thingy is a constant and reliable source of upliftment in a world gone awfully confused. The Felix and his subordinates (the Dogheads, The Piggles, the Cockatiel Horde, two Dactyls, and his ever confused Trainee) along with a rotating cast of animate and inanimate objects will keep you in stitches (not the kind you get from Dr. Noseitall when you cut yourself.) Join this unlikely Presidentialing candidate as he deals with The Low Blood Sugars, Pistachio shortages, Booger Trees, Weirdo Neighbors, Doghead butt-snorfling and yellow pellet poisoning. You can't go wrong with a daily dose of Vitamin Fee.