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Bird ladders with wood block

Bird ladders with wood block

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Main Information

Wooden bird ladders are versatile accessories designed for all types of parrots, providing not only exercise but also a comfortable and stimulating perch. These ladders are crafted from durable wood, ensuring both safety and durability for your parrot.

They serve as essential components of bird habitats, offering opportunities for physical activity and play. Many parrots are particularly fond of the swaying motion and the varied heights these ladders offer, mimicking their natural environments. Whether for climbing, exploring, or resting, a parrot ladder enriches their daily routine, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

  • All-Natural Wood: Crafted from untreated pinewood, these ladders promote natural chewing, minimize boredom, and exercise.
  • Durable Design: Features a bird-safe poly-rope or nickel plated chain.
  • Easy Cage Placement: Includes an o-ring or loop for effortless installation in your bird's cage.

Product Description

These parrot ladders are made from untreated pinewood blocks, 6 inches wide, and are available with either durable poly-rope or nickel-plated chain. They provide secure perching and climbing surfaces for parrots, promoting their physical activity and overall well-being in captivity.

Safety Information

Crafted from untreated pinewood, this toy is 100% non-toxic and meticulously handcrafted in the USA. Manufactured in a bird-free environment, it upholds the highest safety and quality standards. Wood bird toys are crucial for stimulating parrots mentally, warding off boredom, and curbing destructive behaviors.


Customer Reviews

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Summer marker
Great Ladder

A little larger then expected (thought the blocks would be smaller), still adjusting, first time kevin had one of these.


Love it! Putting it in my parrots room tomorrow.