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Balsa blast Bird Toy

Balsa blast Bird Toy

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Delight your parrot with our Balsa Bird Toy! Crafted from soft, lightweight balsa wood, this toy is perfect for chewing and shredding, providing hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Safe and non-toxic, it's designed to keep your bird engaged while promoting healthy beak activity. The vibrant colors and fun shapes make it an attractive addition to any birdcage. Give your pet the gift of play and enrichment with our Balsa Bird Toy!

SIZE: 10 in length  (Small/Medium Or medium/large)

Large Balsa Blocks

100% non-toxic

Handmade in the USA

Created in bird free environment

We, at Pds, take safety and quality as our first propriety when building bird toys. We use only high-grade, premium wood for parrot toys. No scrapes, no damaged wood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Judith Herlich
Balsa Blast

My Senegal loved this. Destroyed in 2 days!

Mary Ann Andrukiewicz
My Blue Front's favorite

I need to keep my BFA from barbering his tail feathers and the balsa toys take his mind off of doing that. He just loves them, I put one on his gym and this 33 yo Amazon with arthritis in both feet can't get down to it fast enough. He likes these so much more than the hard wood foot toys.