Raw Bird Chop Recipe DIY

Raw Bird Chop Recipe

Raw bird chop recipe can be very nutritious with just a little time. Depending on ingredients, you either have to soak and cook a soak mix or you can just soak and NOT cook. Not cooking allows for an easy raw food recipe that is packed with nutrition. Today, we will be making this raw bird chop recipe which is not only nutritious, healthy, and natural but so easy to do.

Raw Bird Chop Recipe

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First of all, a little bit of science.

As we all know, seeds have all the nutrients necessary to grow a plant. When we soak seeds or grains, in water the seeds start absorbing the water. The intake of water signals the seed to use its stored energy for growth through the activation of enzymes. 
In other words, the water intake releases large amounts of nutrients within the seeds to become a plant. With this knowledge we will use this to create our raw bird chop recipe. 

Raw bird chop recipe is a non-cooking recipe, where we will use nature and science to create a nutritious meal for our companion birds and parrots. 

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First of all, we need a list of seeds and grains we can use for our raw bird chop recipe. We can use all or some mixture of these grains/seeds Or buy the PDS Raw Chop Mix. 

Grains and Seeds 

Rye Berries
Hulled Millet
Pumpkin Seeds 
Wheat Berries
Green Split peas
Yellow Split peas
green lentils
red lentils
sesame seeds
fennel seeds
poppy seeds

ingriedents in different bowls for the raw bird chop recipe

Directions for Raw Bird Chop Recipe

Rinse your soak your grain/seed mix a few times.  Then add three times the amount of cold water than your soak mix and let it soak overnight. Your soak mix is going to absorb the water so make sure it is submerged all the time. Add more water if needed. 

In the morning, rinse well. Add cut-up veggies and fruit to the soak mix. I also added greens which were chopped in the food processor. 
Mix in some healthy seeds like chia and flax. Mix in some spices of our choice. 
Mix and serve your raw bird chop mix.

PS: For any leftover of the soak grain/seed mix, you can start the sprouting process by rinsing the soak mix three times a day, until it starts to sprout. Parrot sprouting is ideal however not necessary for this recipe. Sprouting seeds for birds provide all the essential amino acids.

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raw bird chop recipe with berries, and veggies

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