Healthy DIY Nurtiberry Recipe for Parrots

Healthy DIY Nurtiberry Recipe for Parrots

Healthy DIY nurtiberry recipe for parrots is a great healthy treat made from healthy seeds, foods, and packed with nutrients. 

In the simplest form, Seed Ball ( is what I call this)  is made by first creating a sticky base and then adding your seeds, veggies, and nuts to form any shape you wish. 

For the sticky base, you can use any dry fruit and other additional ingredients to your parrot's liking. I added half of the mashed sweet potato, for added nutrients, like vitamin A. Nut butter or a mashed banana are a few ideas to add to your sticky base for your DIY nurtiberry recipe.

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Next to the base, you add flax seeds. Flax meal will work better because it will create a binding effect when water is added. If you don't wish to use Flax or Flax meal, one egg white can be added. 

The most important step: using a blender make the smoothest paste with your dry fruit mixture by adding small amounts of water. Transfer the bowl and add your seeds, nuts, greens, veggies, and fruits to the dry fruit mixture. The mixture should hold its shape so as not to be too sticky and you have your very own DIY nurtiberry recipe.

seed ball recipe for parrots

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If it is too sticky, add more of your seed/nut mix. If the mixture became too dry and won't stick together, you need more base. The beauty of the recipe is that it is easily adaptable and you can easily change it to fit your purpose. If all fails, spread the mixture on a cookie sheet and bake. 

There is sugar in this recipe from the dry fruit which is used as the base. Therefore this recipe is a treat and not a full meal. I also have no idea how nurtiberries are made, this is just a recipe I made up. 


healthy nutriberry DIY Nurtiberry Recipe

Ingredients for DIY Nurtiberry Recipe:

5 dates or any other dry fruit
1/2 Sweet Potato (or use nut butter, banana, apple sauce)
1 Tablespoon of Flax Meal (or flax seeds) 
Water as needed. 
1 cup total of any seeds/nuts/greens/veggies etc

My favorite mix: 

2Tbls millet 
4Tbls minced dandelion greens
2Tbls Chia and Flax 
2Tbls Hemp seeds
1Tbls Milk Thistle
2Tbls Safflower
2 Tbls Oats 
2 Tbls Hemp Hearts

Directions for DIY Nurtiberry Recipe:

Add the first three ingredients into your blender and make a smooth stick mixture. Add water when necessary. 
Transfer your mixture into a bigger bowl if needed, then add all your seeds/nuts/greens and mix well. 
Make balls or any other shape. 
Bake 325 for 15 minutes 
Cool completely before freezing or giving it to birds.  


eclectus parrot toy eating DIY Nurtiberry Recipe


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