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DIY Bird Toys

DIY Bird Toys 

Make your own fun and enriching toys for your feathered friend

Are you looking for a creative way to provide enrichment and fun for your feathered friend? How to make bird toys out of household items? DIY bird toys are an ideal solution for giving your pet bird something new and exciting to explore and play with. Making your own bird toys is a great way to save money while also giving your bird something to look forward to. In this blog post, we will discuss how to make your own bird toys and the benefits of doing so. Read on to learn more!



Creating your own bird toys is a fun and rewarding activity that can help to provide hours of entertainment for your feathered friend. Before getting started, you'll need to gather some basic materials. Below is a list of items you can use to make your own DIY bird toys.


  • Bird-safe rope. Sisal, Hemp, Jute, paper. Or Nickel Plated chain/ stainless steel chain with o rings. 
  • Wood blocks (untreated pine wood or other safe wood blocks) 
  • Cardboard
  • Cupcake liners-coffee filters
  • Paper
  • Paper towel/toilet paper/wrapping paper tubes
  • Egg carton (unused)
  • Paper Straws
  • Popsicle sticks 
  • Books
  • Paper cups (not wax)
  • Zip ties
  • Cardboard Plain puzzles pieces
  • Anti-pill Fleece
  • Plastic chain
  • Vegetable tanned leather shapes or laces.
  • Bamboo finger traps 
  • Mahogany pods
  • Vine Items 
  • Palm Items 
  • Sola Items


  • Pliers 
  • Scissors
  • croc a dile
  • hole punch 
  • hand drill 
Having these supplies on hand will give you the tools to start creating a variety of fun and enriching toys for your feathered companion. Start exploring and have fun  making.

Simple hanging toys

Simple hanging toys are an easy and economical way to keep your bird entertained and engaged. 
1) Choose a stringing material (from the list above)
2) Choose items you wish to string together 
3) Make a knot on one end of the rope 
4) Sting your bird-safe items
5) Make a loop knot on top

Foraging Bird Toy

Making your own foraging toys is a great way to provide mental stimulation to your parrot. Foraging toys require birds to search, explore, and manipulate objects in order to get to the food inside. This can help reduce boredom, relieve stress, and provide birds with an opportunity to exercise their natural foraging behaviors. Here are some easy DIY foraging toys you can make at home and we wills start with the most search one on google: How to make bird toys with toilet paper rolls ( I use paper towels rolls instead)

Paper Towel Tube Forager

  1. Cut a paper towel tube into two or three pieces
  2. stuff them with your bird’s favorite treats, such as nuts, seeds, or bits of fruit.
  3. Fold the ends,
  4. Your bird will have to figure out how to remove the pieces and access the treats inside. You can make small holes in the tube to make it easier. 

Cardboard Box Forager 

  1. Cut holes in a cardboard box
  2. Put your bird’s favorite treats inside the box
  3. Add shredded paper
  4. Your bird will have to explore the box and reach inside the holes to find the treats.

Fun Foraging Basket

  1. Obtain a bamboo or willow basket. A stainless steel bucket will also work 
  2. Wrap treats in cupcake filters or into small paper cups 
  3. Add the wrapped treats to the basket 
  4. Add other bird-safe toy items ( above list) into the basket 
  5. Mix in shredded paper 

Shreddable Bird Toys

Do you have a feathered friend who loves to shred? If so, you know how important it is to keep them entertained and give them a safe outlet for their natural shredding behavior. One great way to do this is by creating DIY bird toys for your pet.

  1. Cut up colorful strips of paper and weave them into their cage bars
  2. Cardboard boxes or Cut up cardboard pieces strung together
  3. Cut paper straws into fours. Make holes in each paper straw pieces. Make holes puzzle pieces. String together. 


These are just a few ideas for making your own homemade bird toys that your feathered friend will love! Have fun getting creative and experimenting with different materials to make unique and enriching toys for your pet. Get more ideas from our other blog: How to make Bird Toys. 

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Author: Monika Sangar 
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