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  • Large parrot toys for big birds
  • Large parrot toys for big birds
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Big Bite Bird Toy II

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SIZE: 9 in length
1 by 4 by 4  in pine wood blocks
2 by 4 by 4 in pine wood blocks

NP chain

100% non-toxic

Handmade in the USA

Created in bird free environment

We, at Pds, take safety and quality as our first propriety when building bird toys. We use only high-grade, premium wood for parrot toys. No scrapes, no damaged wood.

Wood Blocks for parrots are a great way to exercise their beaks, they are fun to destroy and encourages natural chewing behavior. There are different wood hardness for all different levels of parrots: Balsa, very soft, to Manzanita which is hard.

All proceeds go to Prego Dalliance Sanctuary.
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