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  • rainbow pinewood blocks with cardboard and shreddable paper bird toy
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Large Pinewood bird toy

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Size: 16 in
2 by 3 by 3/4 blocks
Cardboard Blocks 
Sisal Rope

Natural wood bird toys for parrots are excellent for all types of birds. Wood bird toys help trim their beaks, encourage natural chewing, and minimize boredom. Most bird toys for parrots are made from untreated pinewood, which is easy for parrots to chew and is preferred by many birds.

The main purposes for parrot toys are mental stimulation, free of boredom, and exercise. Parrot toys encourage the natural behavior of the wild. Most parrot owners want to create the best habitat for their parrots, and toys help do that. We can provide them with a variety of parrot toys to help them forage, chew, destroy and solve puzzles. This creates a good balance environment for your parrot where they can be challenged, stimulated, and have fun.

* We hand make our toys when toys are ordered therefore colors and materials used, will vary*
Hand Made in USA Safe Wood and Food Dye Ship all across the USA.
All proceeds go to Prego Dalliance Sanctuary.
Toys are made in Bird-Free Space.
All safe material used

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