Pear link going thur bird beak

Safety Concerns with Hanging Toys [parrot health]

When we talk about health, we also include things that cause harm. Pear links that normally come with parrot toys are extremely harmful.

Parrots as we know them, are extremely smart and therefore always finding new ways to entertain themselves. One thing a lot of parrots like to do is undo the links which are used to hang bird toys.

The problem comes when these pear links get caught in the beak and well as the foot. 

 Pear link going through parrot beak

The problem is these are just weakly made. They don't screw properly, they are too small, they stop working after a few uses. 
I use them but tighten them with pliers but still after a while, they stop working and you can't even tighten them after a few uses. So because of this, I don't recommend them to anyone.

What hardware do I recommend for hanging bird toy?

There are a few links and other items I will recommend using instead of these. First, the most comparable recommendation will be Quick Links. 


Link for hanging bird toy
These are thicker, the threads don't strip, larger, and easier to tighten with PLIERS. 
No matter what. All links must be tightened with pliers and not your hands.
Plastic Links are another recommendation. I have used these and I love them. My parrots, medium-size parrots, haven't been able to open or chew them off. YAY!!!  Once again I use Pliers to tighten them when hanging toys. These are also large and big.
plastic link for hanging bird toys
There are other ways to hang parrot toys in your cage or birdie gym.Bird parrots have stopped using links all together and they hang the bird toys or bird stuff using safe stringing material. You want to use is natural fiber rope: manila, sisal, jute, or paper rope. Just have to make sure the material wasn't made with any chemicals or oils. When using rope, make sure you don't have any loose ends which can be hazardous. Cut the ends off by the knot so no rope is hanging.
Depending on your parrot another suggestion is zip ties. You can hang parrot toys using zip ties which could work beautifully if your parrots don't chew them off.
Using o-rings for hanging bird toys
If you happen to have two Pliers, you can use unwelded O-rings.  An o-right with a slit so you can twist it open and close completely.
I am sure there are other creative ways to hang toys. Remember that even recommendations have to be used with caution because they can also be dangerous if not used right. However, still, Pear Links are the worst and have cause many issues where the parrots needed surgery. 

Author: Monika Sangar 
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Thanks for the post about toy fasteners. Another fastener I see used a lot lately are the oblong, plastic links with the opening and no way to close them. It has always concerned me that those were a hazard. I easily imagined them getting stuck as seen in the pear link photo. Until this post, I hadn’t seen the closable plastic ones. Do you think plastic links are safer than the stainless steel quick links?


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